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The views expressed in listed interviews are those of TEAM Asset Strategy Fund and/or James Dailey, portfolio managers, spokespersons of other firms, or the authors, as of the dates of the interviews. The opinions expressed are subject to change, are not guaranteed and are not intended as a forecast or as a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Information provided with respect to the fund's portfolio holdings, sector weightings, number of holdings and expense ratios are as of the date of the interview and are subject to change at any time.

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05/08/12   Bloomberg Commodities Erase 2012 Gains as Economic Outlook May Dim Demand  
04/15/12   Bloomberg Hedge Funds Cut Commodity Bets on Slowing China Growth  
03/22/12   Financial Times US retail investors bullish on shares  
02/01/12   Bloomberg Gold Climbs to Eight-Week High as Dollar Drop, Europe Debt Fueling Demand  
01/07/12   New York Times How Often to Trade? It's Tricky for Funds, Too  
12/29/11   The Street What if There's a Bear Market in 2012?  
12/7/11   CNN Money Global stocks stink. U.S. just stinks less  
12/7/11   Forbes Twelve Thoughts On 2012  
10/23/11   The Street Germany, France Face Mounting Pressure in Coming Week  
10/05/11   Fox Business Europe Led U.S. Into Economic Slowdown?  
09/08/11   Smart Money What Fed's Actions Could Mean for Investors  
09/02/11   Bloomberg ETF Volume Surges Most Since 2008 Amid Unprecedented Volatility  
08/29/11   CNBC James Dailey - CNBC Interview  
08/24/11   Bloomberg Gold Retreats, Capping Biggest Loss Since March 2008 as Haven Demand Wanes  
08/15/11   Reuters Funds Slash Commodity Bets by Most in 18 Months on Economic-Growth Concern  
08/10/11   Bloomberg Gold Tops $1,800 on Demand for Haven as Equities Tumble, Debt Woes Mount  
08/05/11   Reuters Gold resumes rise on economic fears, Fed meeting eyed  
08/05/11   Market Watch Dailey: Market may not have hit bottom yet  
08/05/11   Daily Finance How to Survive the Stock Market's Wild Ride  
08/04/11   Market Watch Commodities Erase Gain for 2011 as Faltering Economy May Curb Consumption  
08/03/11   Reuters US STOCKS-S&P ends string of losses on tech rebound  
07/29/11   Smart Money Gold hits record on weak U.S. growth, debt woes  
07/25/11   Reuters Gold at all-time high. Thanks, Washington!  
07/21/11   Smart Money Downgrade Danger for Corporate Bonds?  
07/08/11   The Street Jobs Report Is 'Noise and Nonsense'  
06/24/11   CNBC James Dailey Interview - Investing in Energy  
06/15/11   Wall Street Journal Stocks, Oil, Euro Sink On Greek Debt Contagion Worries  
05/17/11   Bloomberg Soros Sheds Gold ETPs as Paulson Keeps Bet on Holding the Metal  
05/11/11   Bloomberg Commodities Slump as China Inflation Gain Signals Tighter Credit  
04/26/11   CNBC Technical Tuesday  
03/29/11   Reuters Gold drops as monetary tightening comment weighs  
03/22/11   Reuters Gold flat as rate hikes eyed; geopolitics support  
03/16/11   Market Watch Battered, Japan Fund Managers Stay the Course  
03/15/11   Smart Money What Happens to Nuclear Stocks Now?  
03/14/11   The Wall Street Journal US Stocks Decline As Investors Mull Quake's Impact; DJIA Off 118  
03/09/11   Market Watch Dailey: Bull market ready to retire  
03/09/11   CNBC Winners for Next 2 Years  
02/26/11   The Street 3 Hot "Anti-Momentum" Stocks  
02/18/11   Smart Money 3 Investments to Avoid Now  
02/18/11   Reuters GLOBAL MARKETS -World stocks hit fresh highs, caution grows  
02/17/11   The Street The Real Story  
02/17/11   CNBC Finding Value in Markets  
02/02/11   Daily Finance Inside Wall Street: Where to Bet on the Resurgence in Energy Stocks  
01/25/11   Bloomberg Cocoa Tests 1979 Peak as Ivory Coast Spurs Supply Risk  
01/24/11   MarketWatch Commodities investors favor mutual funds over ETFs Buyers say actively run funds offer better coverage of complex sector
01/20/11   CNBC Large Cap Picks Naming large caps to buy now, with James Dailey, Team Asset Strategy Fund, and Joseph Keating, CenterState Bank.
01/05/11   Bloomberg Commodities Rebound as U.S. Jobs, Services Data Boost Optimism  
01/04/11   MarketWatch January correction already underway James Dailey, Chief Investment Officer of TEAM Financial Managers in Harrisburg, PA, tells Alisa Parenti stocks are headed lower as a January correction is already underway.
12/20/10   CNBC Video Case of the Mondays Insight on energy, Japan and large caps, with John Lekas, Leader Capital, and James Dailey, Team Asset Strategy.
11/18/10   Reuters Euro gains vs dollar on growing Ireland optimism  
11/16/10   MSN Money Why food bills are heading higher The cost of a wide range of commodities has been soaring and will likely keep rising. You can't fight it, but with some smart investing moves, you can profit from it.
11/16/10 James Dailey CNBC VIDEO Has The Pullback Started? Discussing whether the rally is ending, with Mark Arbeter, S&P Chief Technical Strategist, and James Dailey, Team Asset Strategy Fund.
11/10/10   The Street Short-Term Dollar Rally Likely  
10/29/10 Ben Baden US News & World Report Why China Has a Point About Quantitative Easing  
10/28/10   The Street Elections to Help Infrastructure Hurt Retail Industries  
10/20/10   CNBC VIDEO Great Time to Buy Stocks? Discussing whether it's time to get into equities, with David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors, and James Dailey, Team Asset Strategy Fund.
10/20/10 James Dailey Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's Gridlock  
10/20/10 James Dailey Fox Business News Interview Three Picks for Your Portfolio James Dailey, portfolio manager of the Team Asset Strategy Fund, explains why he sees opportunity in Intrepid Potash, Minefinders and Martin Marietta.
9/24/10 Gregg Greenberg The Street Best Junior Miners For Gold's Rush  
9/24/10 The Early Tick CNBC Squawk on the Street Discussing whether investors should buy into the morning's rally, with James Dailey, Team Asset Strategy Fund, and Wayne Copelin, Copelin Financial Advisors.
8/30/10 James Dailey TheStreet Hot Stocks to Own: Junior Miners  
7/29/10 James Dailey CNBC What's a Market Bear to Do? Picked from 7/29 live interview
7/29/10 James Dailey The Gold Report What's a Market Bear to Do?  
7/29/10 The Early Tick CNBC James Dailey CNBC Interview Video
Insights on the markets, with James Dailey, TEAM and Mike Holland, Holland & CO
7/29/10 James Dailey Fox Business Three Commodity Stocks to Buy Now  
6/30/10 Millie Munshi & Debarati Roy Bloomberg Copper Rebounds After U.S. Manufacturing Expands, Allaying Economy Concern  
6/23/10 James Dailey CNBC Expect V-Shape Recovery to 'Really Disappoint'  
6/18/10 James Dailey CNBC Reading the Market  
6/17/10 Rich Miller
Ed. Michael Arnt & Patrick McKiernan
Bloomberg News Copper Little Changed After Falling to One-Week Low on Economy  




Market Check

James Dailey shares his thoughts on the market's turnaround with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo
5/16/10 Melinda Peer The Street Coming Week: No Escaping Volatility James Dailey discusses the equity market and how it may be affected by macro events unfolding.
5/12/10 Pham-Duy Nguyen Bloomberg Gold Rises to Record as Investors Seek Alternative to Currency James Dailey discusses how world
governments have been reckless with
5/11/10 Isabelle Sender Standard & Poor"s Trends & Ideas – CIOs See Gold, U.S. Equities Shining James Dailey discusses how gold has gone from the barbaric relic towards a monetary asset.
5/10/10 Lyn Cowan, Margot Patrick and Kristina Peterson NASDAQ Hedge Funds See Angst, Opportunity In Market Swings  


Millie Munshi and ClaudiaCarpenter


Palladium Crashes With Car Sales, Bear Trade Signaled

James Dailey provides comments on palladium.

4/26/10 Amy Thomson Bloomberg Verizon Retreats from Plan to Offer
Nexus One Service
James Dailey discusses iPhone's market domination; threat to Google if it's carried by Verizon.
4/21/10 Donna Kardos/
Kristina Peterson
WSJ US Stocks Rise, Led by Financials, Tech; S&P 500 Above 1200 James Dailey discusses steady, consistent moves in gains in the market.
4/14/10 Peter McKay MarketWatch US Stocks Rise, Led by Financials, Tech; S&P 500 Above 1200 James Dailey discusses dispersion
within the market.
4/7/10 Stephen Bernard Associated Press Interest Rates Fall After Strong 10-Year Auction James Dailey discusses how Treasuries may be good, safe options for earning interest income.
3/30/10 NA Fox Business

Exxon, AT&T, Mitsubishi: Stocks Poised to Thrive?

Tracy Byrnes and Chris Cotter of Fox Business talk with James Dailey about the market and his stock picks
3/9/10 NA Fox Business

Taking a Top-Down Investment Approach

James Dailey, senior portfolio manager, shares his stock picks with Tracy Byrnes and Chris Cotter of Fox Business
3/11/10 Melinda Peer The Street Stocks Close at Session Highs James Dailey discusses  "mega-
cap" stocks; recent shift to bullish
3/10/10 Joseph Checkler Dow Jones DJ TIP SHEET: TEAM Fund Brings
Nimble to the People
James Dailey discusses the Team Asset Strategy Fund and sectors he likes.
3/2/10 Matt Ackerman Financial Planning Advisor Confidence Sinks in February James Dailey discusses cyclical reboundof financial market; energy, precious metals & agriculture. 
3/1/10 The Province & Alibaba Reuters ANALYSIS--Copper buoyed by Chile earthquake, but gains capped James Dailey discusses how the issues in Chile may be a catalyst for base metals.
3/1/10 Marion Asnes Financial Planning Knowing vs. Doing James Dailey discusses daily challenges to running rapidly expanding practice.
2/25/10 Peter McKay &
Kristina Peterson
MarketWatch U.S. stocks pare slide amid concerns over jobs, Greece James Dailey discusses the Euro.
2/24/10 Stephen Bernard Associated Press Commodites retreat as dollar gains;consumer confidence report adds to recovery concerns James Dailey discusses dollar strength compared to euro weakness; energy & metal trading linked to move of dollar.
2/23/10 Melinda Peer The Street Stocks Sell Off as Consumer Data
James Dailey discusses skepticism
regarding job market.
2/16/10 Millie Munshi Bloomberg Commodities Rise Most in Three
Months on Dollar, Demand Outlook
James Dailey discusses demand of
commodities, difficulty in ramping up


The Street Growth Stocks, Value Stocks,
Breakout Stocks
James Dailey discusses sectors he believes are benefitting from the current market environment.


Joel Berg

Keystone Edge

Innovating Investing:
Complex Made Manageable

James Dailey discusses TEAM's use
of complex systems analysis




TEAM Financial Asset Management Launches Mutual Fund

Press release on TEAMX fund launch

The fund may invest in foreign securities which involves greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods.

Micro-, small- and mid-cap investing involve greater risk not associated with investing in more established companies, such as greater price volatility, business risk, less liquidity and increased competitive threat.

An investment in an exchange-traded fund (ETF) generally presents the same primary risks as an investment in a conventional fund (i.e., one that is not exchange traded) that has the same investment objectives, strategies and policies. The price of an ETF can fluctuate up or down, and the Fund could lose money investing in an ETF if the prices of the securities owned by the ETF go down. In addition, ETFs may be subject to the following risks that do not apply to conventional funds: (i) the market price of an ETF’s shares may trade above or below their net asset value; (ii) an active trading market for an ETF’s shares may not develop or be maintained; or (iii) trading of an ETF’s shares may be halted if the listing exchange’s officials deem such action appropriate, the shares are delisted from the exchange, or the activation of market-wide “circuit breakers” (which are tied to large decreases in stock prices) halts stock trading generally.

Investments in commodities may be affected by overall market movements, changes in interest rates, and other factors such as weather, disease, embargoes and international economic and political developments. Commodities are assets that have tangible properties, such as oil, metals, and agricultural products. These instruments may subject the Fund to greater volatility than investments in traditional securities.

As a hedging technique, derivatives may be used to create synthetic exposure to an underlying asset or to hedge a portfolio risk. It is possible that the hedge may not succeed. This may happen for various reasons, including unexpected changes in the value of the rest of the Fund’s portfolio. Over the counter derivatives are also subject to counterparty risk, which is the risk that the other party to the contract will not fulfill its contractual obligation to complete the transaction with the Fund.

Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.


You should carefully consider the investment objectives, potential risks, management fees, and charges and expenses of the Fund before investing. The Fund's prospectus contains this and other information about the Fund, and should be read carefully before investing. You may obtain a current copy of the Fund's prospectus by calling 877- 832-6952 . Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment in the Fund will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

The fund may invest in foreign securities which involves greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods.

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